Module 7 Part 1: The Promise of Guaranteed Abundance Manifesting to Spiritual Entrepreneurs through “ThePractice!”


“WE,” Spiritual Entrepreneurs, GUARANTEE you will receive great value and benefit from the COURSE on Spirituality & Finance after you have taken it with us, called “ThePractice.” As practitioners of the new school of Cooperative Economics, we’re organized and centralized within the 12by12 income-generating matrix. The manifestations coming out of collective work and responsibility, with the aid of the 12by12 income-generating matrix, create value and benefit to the members of the mini-model communities NOW built by us. The spiritual essence of your I-am-mutual presence, here on earth, leads to Spirituality & Finance when we network for the greater good to support members of our communities. The I am holy essence invokes a deep sense of divine purpose in each person assigned to a group operating within the matrix. The activities thereof altogether lead to the fulfillment of the members becoming fully-fledged Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

The first step in the pathway of divine calling to be or become Spiritual Entrepreneurs occurs when you “Unlock Your Spiritual Matrix, the vault of the unconscious side of the mind.” The reason: Outdated beliefs of past addictions fester in memories within the unconscious side of the mind. This condition prevents us from stepping away from the past and into the future. Mental barriers start to form when a thought previously reflected upon slips into the background of the mind. That is while another takes its place by entering the foreground thereof. The dilemma that follows will be responsible for the mind-body (Me) slow reaction to adapt to change.

Dormant self-destructive, self-defeating thought must be brought from the subconscious to the conscious, rational, receptive side of the mind. That is to the foreground thereof and deleted. The CURE, Psycho-Logos therapy, remove outdated beliefs of past addictions clogging up the energy circuits of the unconscious side of the mind, which is within the domain of Chokmah. The unconscious realm of Chokmah is unknown. That’s why Kether’s vision of the future forms in the world of Malkuth by way of the Tree of Life where things become known. The picture cast by the imagination of the supernal state, after becoming a point of reference before the mind’ eye, it must be contemplated before affecting the subconscious state of the spiritual body of the SOUL, which produces outcomes.

The process of analytical reflection or self-judgment (Introspection) operates in the realm of Binah consciousness. From that Sephirah (Binah), the voice of affirmative talking unfolds during the course of Psychodynamics. When you Unlock your Spiritual Matrix with the incremental steps of the CURE, the unconscious side of the mind opens. Whereby, the voice of “Affirmative talking” begins to stimulate the mind of participants. That is at the level of Binah consciousness. Notably, the people among us who are engaged in limiting beliefs. Thus, this course of mental activity, Psycho-Logos therapy, leads to mental breakthroughs for people trapped in old ways of thinking, which makes it a difficult task to surmount the self-imposed barriers they have created for themselves. Gather with us and experience the process which liberates the mind. The language inspired by Binah consciousness becomes the voice of Affirmative Talking, when applied with Psychodynamics to administer the CURE, Psycho-Logos -Therapy. Thereby releasing and removing mental, emotional and spiritual blockages festered within the mind-body (Me). Furthermore, the thought thereof resonating from the negative pole within the mind causes it to operate in a counterproductive manner. This misguided state of mind prevents participants from reaching the higher summits of spiritual ascension. The discipline of the mind is the main ingredient of moral strength and genuine spirituality. Wherefore in this Manual, it’s stated, “Know yourself and you shall know your God! Psychological and physiological symptoms triggered by trauma affect the thought-process thereof that deviates from the NOW. This, for instance, occurs when the mind begins to struggle with old beliefs of past addictions, which override the current condition as it stands. Old ideas, when conceived in the mind of participants, therefore, leads to misconceptions.

That is actualizing in the form of abnormal behavior. And that is when the attention span of a person no longer centers itself on the present moment. The dilemma that occurs causes a static condition there in the mind, which must resolve, before the recipient moves forward onto spiritual ascension. In other words, the perfect picture of the Divine, out of the supernal realm, only comes down from above and enter into the mind of an individual or individuals when the condition of that mental obstruction is resolved. That’s the amazement point within the gathering where spiritual insights find its way into the midst thereof to uplift the consciousness level of the group. To this I might add, the mind is a terrible thing to waste! The divine flow thereby comes with progress through the voice of an individual who sparks the creativity of Binah consciousness, which will resonate throughout the entire gathering of the group. On such occasions, the spirit of Kether will be the one choosing that person.

The person speaking in the language of Binah consciousness expresses the profound wisdom of Chokmah. That is to lift the collective consciousness of recipients above the threshold of the state of unconsciousness. Now and then, the divine flow enters the internal workings of the mind, or the inner state of a chosen vessel within the group, with preconceptions of the future. The divine spark, which comes as a point of reference before the mind’s eye, flashes from a distant plain and illuminates through the individual voicing Binah consciousness within the group. By that way, the voice of a beautiful thought makes itself known! But at first, the voice which UTTERS Binah Consciousness within the group, the word sound spoke by that individual will more than likely be unfamiliar to the ears of participants. However, the idea as the result when formed by the collective consciousness of the group, which descends from Chokmah, it will lead to the uniformity of the group.

The reason: By law, where two or more are gathered, Kether’s WILL prevails. And it does with creative tension to stimulate and activate dynamic interplay within the group. Whose outcome will be the collective consensus? The creative process which commences in that instant stimulates and triggers strong emotions among participants. That will boost innovative pressure, which causes positive interaction to take place between the participants of the group. And so, the cosmic principle directs the contemplation process of the Tree of Life, which unveils itself to us.

Creativity relates to the kingdom of the supernal worlds existing above the firmament. While inspiration is responsible for divine revelations coming through the imaginary pathways of the Tree of Life within our consciousness here on earth. When insightful insperience occurs out of the inner body or the SOUL, it raises the consciousness level of the people gathered to a higher level of ascension. And so, spiritual insights come to us whenever two or more gather to contemplate the I am that I am by the Tree of Life. Ask, and it shall be given, knock and the door shall be open, seek and you shall find. From these conditions come all things that you receive thereof by the hand of the One who sits above all known deities and their iconic religious order (The source).

Glory be to HIM, the Highest God, Who sits on high above all the other gods. With that said, we see the way Kether’s sensed impressions enter the realm of Malkuth, the material world, to affect our lives. The intuitive sense conceived, therein the core of self-knowing, comes out of the subconscious state of the inner body of being. And the feeling of it occurs within the unconscious side of the mind. That stimulates a result by memory, which triggers spontaneous responses between the interplay of the mind-body (Me), and by observation, you view the mode of conduct according to the actions of each individual participating in the group. Throughout the course of Psychodynamic sessions, we come to know the nature and temperament of each participant. That’s why conducting periodic meetings with participants at the place we assemble is essential. To this end, I will add, “Know yourself and you shall know your God.

Spiritual indicators come out of the subconscious space of the inner body or the SOUL. That is before reaching the area of the inner workings of the mind. The stimulus thereof turns into the insights appearing before the mind’s eye. The “WILL” activates the contemplation process that controls the mind when it’s commanded by the Mastermind, the I.

“Unlocking Your Spiritual Matrix will be the first step in “ThePractice” of Psychodynamics. By doing so, “Creativity” comes out of the supernal world and thereby enter into the inner life of the SOUL. The deeper insights thereof foreseen through the spectacles of consciousness on the imaginary pathways of the Tree of Life, they unveil as Spiritual Indicators (Thought images) within the mind. There in the gatherings, among the parties participating in the mastermind alliance groups, supernal insights reveal themselves to the inner eye of the practitioners. Each T.E.A.M. (Together each achieves more) of practitioners meets on a weekly basis to discourse about the success they have had applying the principles of “ThePractice.” That is applicable to the 12by12 income-generating matrix used to form mini-model communities.

Spiritual insights make themselves known when we contemplate the Tree of Life. So, “Ask and [they] shall be given, knock and the doors thereof shall be open, seek and you shall find them.” The conditions by which we receive [when we ask] come from the One Holy God who sits above all known deities and their iconic religious orders (The source). And so, we pay homage to the Lord thy God, He who reigns over us from everlasting to everlasting. Kether’s sensed impressions enter the mind to spark the “DIVINE WILL” to serve in the realm of Malkuth. That is when the subconscious state of the inner body or SOUL of a person’s mind–intelligence activates; then consciousness begins to conceive the deeper states of awareness of cosmic life on a universal scale.

Thus, before reaching the inner workings of the mind, Spiritual indicators emanate from the depths of the subconscious state of the emotional body or the SOUL, which contains the Tree of Life. The spiritual impulse thereof appears before the mind’s eye as supernal insights. And the process of contemplation stirs the WILL thereby enabling the internal eye of the mind to distinguish between heavenly and earthly affairs within the conscious, rational receptive side thereof. Therefore, within the unconscious side of the mind, our memory of the upper and lower worlds is stored. On-demand, the recollective faculty, which has the power of discernment, reveals the memories thereof stored in the vault of the unconscious, the state of Chokmah, in the form of spiritual insights of both heaven and earth. This analogy, if it was not the truth, then how would we be able to discuss the affairs of heaven as opposed to the planet when the need arises to do so? The application of Psychodynamics to a dysfunctional mind is the essential point of “ThePractice.” In this Manual, you will find a compilation of cross-pollinating ideas about the inner world as well as the outer world. The spirituality of recipients becomes an essential aspect of the CURE when added to the discipline of Psycho-Logos-Therapy.

Furthermore, the inner workings of the mind must be equipped to function in such a way that it corrects the misconceptions there in that space. The procedure of the voice of Affirmative Talking determines the CURE of the individual through the course of Binah consciousness. That is with regard to the process of Psychodynamics taking place within the participant’s mind. The procedure thereof above determines also his or her state of mind. The desired outcome comes while conducting meetings (Church) by the step by step approach of “Unlocking Your Spiritual Matrix. That is especially true when radical transformation becomes necessary for the renewal of the collective group mindset. At the point of awareness, when the group begins to pay attention, thereby the conception of the breakthrough that comes, this spiritual insight will transcend the ordinary boundaries of limiting false beliefs. The Bible refers to that radical change of mind by stating: “Be you transformed by the renewing of your mind.” The visionary lessons perceived from the content of this Manual, coming out of the supernal realm of Kether, correspond to the impressions of self-knowing. The mental condition stimulated as the result thereof enables you to form and contemplate ideas far beyond the scope of the inceptions of ordinary everyday life. Also, this Manual is an elaborate presentation of the spiritual faculties of the SOUL; the way it connects us to the primary state of Atzilut, which is the first in the order of the four existing Qabalistic universes.

And so, ideas are born from the essence of the overall experience of the existence of supernal reality. That you’ll find within this Manual. Of which they allow the mind of the reader to embark on a journey of ascension to the height of extremity of their spirituality. Or, the ultimate level possible that one can attain by way of the cosmic sense of self-knowing about the indwelling Christ and the consciousness thereof abiding in us begging to become self-realized. From the inborn conception of the UNKNOWN God found in us, we conceive glimmerings of emanations coming forth from the world of Atzilut. The divine spark thereof Atzilut manifests life, which comes from far above and beyond the threshold of the internal workings of the mind. Yes! It is the contemplation process of the Tree of Life that takes us into the inner world of Atzilut. Of whose revelations come by the creative energy funneling through the emotional body of the SOUL. And thereby, the thought of Atzilut presents itself to the mind’s eye. That is resonating at the archetypical level of consciousness. And so, the mind’s eye thereby conceives the inception of original formations of archetypical images as they originate therein the world of Atzilut. Because at the point of contemplation about the

Tree of Life, the mind begins to border on the highest conceptions of consciousness. And the existence of the thought of Atzilut magnifies itself; by that way made known, so we can capture within the lower extremities the thought, where empirical knowledge begins to form, and thereby it will be quantified by the observer therein the realm of Malkuth, the material world. By the law of correspondence, we see the outcome of the contemplation process as it relates to both the heaven and the earth. “Yes! For as it is above, so is it below.” In other words, “Your WILL be done on earth as it is in heaven! This cosmic principle leads to the moment where the SOUL begins to recognize itself in the Oneness of God’s Omnipotence, Omniscience and the all thereof encompassing ever-living presence. With this in mind, Jesus declared himself to be One with the eternal Father of all Creation. “Know Yourself and you shall know your God in the manner, which Jesus did!

The most profound spiritual intuitive sensed impressions one conceives, by way of self-knowing, lead to an archetypical abundance of thought coming out of the state of Atzilut. That is when one ventures inwardly. From that place, the ultimate universe, above all the supernal kingdoms, the spiritual essence of the UNKNOWN Creator-God (The source), which is made known to us, resonates in the Sephirah, Yesod. And it does so within the deeper awareness of Cosmic Consciousness. That is before the SOUL-self of each person enters the lower realm of Malkuth – the material world. Malkuth is the state where spiritual beings incubate and then encapsulate into the flesh. Yes! The human body is made out of atoms and molecules derived from the atomic universe of Assiah, the fourth Qabalistic universe. Within the physical body, made of the material substance from Assiah, lies the internal organization of the SOUL. Of whose construct consists of archetypical formations of divine spiritual insights existing there within the preconceptions of the mind. That is related to the uncreated characteristics of God as opposed to the particulars of human nature, which created the ego.

Thus, the little-known Universe called by the name Atzilut, the highest conception of light, is also concealed within the inner body or the SOUL; thereby it has been made known to us contemplating the Tree of Life. This mystery of the Divine Maker remains undisclosed to human consciousness. That is until the revelations thereof the existence of Atzilut somehow find its way into the scope of the mind’s eye. Indeed, this height of the ascension in Christ Consciousness, coming out of the Sephiroth, Tiphereth, bordering on the ULTIMATE of the Divine Principle thereof, that is the conception one conceives when contemplating within the realms of the Tree of Life. “As it is above so it is below.” The deeper meanings of the wonderful sensed impressions of self-knowing open the cosmic pathway to the treasures of archetypical abundance therefrom Atzilut. Moreover, all you have to do to access the things thereof is to ask, and it’s yours. The Bible indicates, [all things prayed for without doubt will be granted]. There is a gap created by doubt which lies between desire and the object thereof perceived. What do we do in this instance of doubt? Start working diligently on diminishing the doubt until the desire and the object become one.

The faculty of self-knowing, acquired from the cosmic sense of Atzilut, it is established within the celestial triangle – the seat of Divine Intelligence or Godhead. By this means you will be able to visualize and verbalize the conceptional image of Kether’s sensed impressions when viewed by the mind’s eye therein the conscious, rational receptive side of the mind. The glory of God’s affairs relates to the Sephira, Hod. The WIL of the Divine Creator will be revealed by Name, I am that I am. The sensed impressions of Kether serve as points of reference in the inner workings of the mind, whereby upon conception you inspire others to become practitioners of the Tree of Life.

Whereby, you begin to act as ambassadors of peace, love, joy, and harmony while you’re here on earth. You become the vanguards of OUR TIMES –Spiritual Entrepreneurs. With the use of “Psychodynamics,” Spiritual Entrepreneurs detect abnormality there in the inner workings of the mind of participants while conducting gatherings. When the occasion arises, “WE” administer the CURE, psycho-Logos-therapy. That is to defuse disorder operating there within our surroundings. And with the principles of “Psychodynamics,” and psycho-Logos-therapy, “WE” establish right-mindedness among the members of each “TEAM” of ThePractice laboring to build grassroots mini model communities.

In each member of the group, there’s a spirit-being incubating within the SOUL or the inner body of that person which becomes Cosmic consciousness. There in the internal state of self-realization, we conceive the inborn conception of God as the living Christ in us. This fundamental understanding of the indwelling God within us guides us by the LAW thereof actualization to become the person or persons selected to personify the role of living Christ here on earth. To this end, Spiritual Entrepreneurs continue to serve with compassionate acts of love mirroring the Christ-like person here on earth.

The internal sensations actualizing self-awareness within the conscious, rational receptive part of the mind well up from the state of the subconscious. Whatever conceptions thereof Kether, which come out of the supernal realm, correspond with the inherent spirituality from there – the inner body or SOUL. By the LAW of attraction, the energy thereof draws onto itself the WORLD of Malkuth. And so, Spiritual Indicators emanate continuously in mind as acting agents of Kether’s divine WILL. The LAW is clear, “As it is above so it is below!”

Moreover, Supernal insights will continue to come from above the Kabbalistic universes and make themselves known to the authentic Self or the Soul in opposition to what we consider the ego. By that means, Kether’s divine intelligence evolves by way of the Tree of Life. From that space, perceptions begin to form. And they will be realized there in the conscious, rational receptive part of the mind of Spiritual Entrepreneurs who contemplate the Tree of Life. This deeper sense of self-knowing, coming from that state there in the inner body or the SOUL, will be expressed as the I am consciousness there among participants of “ThePractice “of the new school of Cooperative Economics. “WE” raise that level of awareness in members to enable the group to produce qualified Spiritual Entrepreneurs. It will be from this higher realm of universal understanding that recipients learn about the divine principles of enlightenment which leads them to spiritual and financial freedom while they are here on earth. Contemplating desired outcomes from there within the subconscious state of the inner body or the SOUL enables you to maximize the full potential of your God-given abilities in the realm of Malkuth, the material world.

“ThePractice” supports the spiritual teachings of the new school of Cooperative Economics. And from “ThePractice” of the teachings thereof, you will enjoy the fruit of your labor. In other words, the energy that you invest in the 12by12 income-generating matrix comes back to you in continuous cycles of streams of passive and residual income. That is after you have made a one-time contribution of $600.00 to the mentor of the group you decide to join. To join us is to become a part of this divine plan of action. You can start by taking a leap of faith for as little as $11.95 to change your life and the lives of others. One thing is GUARANTEED for sure; it will be a worthwhile investment!

B I B L E: Basic instruction before leaving earth!

The ideas of Spiritual Entrepreneurialism came out of the Bible. Moreover, the passages we selected from there support the teachings of this Manual. That is intended to serve as the means for self-improvement and empowerment. The perceptions, which come out of the Bible, is of the UNKNOWN God; the spiritual insights thereby drawn from them enabled us to typecast Jesus, without apology, like the Founding Father of Spiritual Entrepreneurialism. By that way, the conception of His divine nature becomes applicable to the higher purpose we address in our daily lives. In other words, the attitude of the living Christ that expressed itself through Jesus should continue to do the same in us. The Bible spotlight Jesus to be the WILL and the spoken word of the UNKNOWN God for those who have spiritual eyes to see and hears to hear. Jesus says, “For the things that I have done greater shall you do.” When you read to gather a correct understanding of the Bible out of this Manual, you’ll see that Christ Consciousness transcends the restricting dogmas and doctrines of the Roman church. And it is also, the inborn conception of God self-realized in us. The ideas formed out of this manual fall into the category of visual lessons. That’s related to one’s personal experience.

However, instead of opening up themselves to these lessons, the people continue depending on the blind doctrines and dogmas of the church for their understanding of God. The understanding drawn from the doctrines and dogmas of the Roman church about Jesus should have been that of the internal Christ indwelling within us. Because that would resonate more with the conditions of ordinary people whom the Bible refers to as the salt of the earth. In the modern dispensation of the indwelling Christ, the Age of Aquarius, the 21st Century, the spirit-being of His Majesty Haile Selassie reincarnated in the earth. In so doing, it established a parallel sense of the Divine that stirred the emotions of the multitude among those who entertained the thought of the second coming of Jesus. Yes!

The second coming of the Christ as the King of kings and the Lord of lords is written therein the Bible. And so, the knowledge of this resurrected Christ as Jesus in His second coming made a powerful impact within the lives of many who study the holy scriptures. After penetrating deep into and uncovering the subtleness of the life and times of Jesus there in the Bible, “WE” have conceived the underlining conditions thereof making “HIM” the Founding Father of Spiritual Entrepreneurialism. For this reason, “WE” have decided to pick up the mantle and follow His footsteps into the 21st Century. By so doing, we have accepted the call of the Spiritual Entrepreneur. No doubt Jesus was a man who walked this earth living strictly by the fruit of his imagination. And this vocation made Him a Spiritual Entrepreneur. That’s why in OUR TIMES “WE” have pledged to do the same. And so, Jesus becomes the ideal role model for pursuing the acquisition to obtain both Spiritual and Financial wealth to maintain a healthy balance in the lives of the people (My emphasis).

Out of this realistic perspective, we have open up the door of our consciousness to discourse the visionary lessons of the deep meanings one walks away with after reading the Bible juxtaposed to this Manual. The teachings thereof the Bible from the perspective of this manual must be presented to the people as it relates to OUR TIMES. Contemplation becomes essential when we travel inwardly to the destination point of the inner body or the SOUL where the Tree of Life lies. By that means, we’ll discover the spiritual treasures of God’s promise of GUARANTEED abundance therein that state of the Sephira, Yesod. Practitioners of the new school of Cooperative Economics fulfills the prophecy of Jesus giving abundance in OUR TIMES: Indeed, “I came that you may have all things in abundance!” Becoming more self-aware of the indwelling Christ within us, hovering high above ALL levels of known consciousness from the view of Atzilut, we can conceive below in Malkuth the things existing there to place them in their proper perspective.

That is by the LAW of correspondence, “As it is above so it is below. Looking through the spectacles of the New Testament at Jesus’ Divine attributes, the Jesus we see is the Founding Father of Spiritual Entrepreneurialism. The quest for financial freedom and social independence in OUR TIMES starts with the discovery, therefore, with the real Jesus. That is; the immortal being sitting there at the center of the core of “OUR” inner life. By this means, we are empowered to bring down heavenly treasures here on earth. It is written, “All good things come from God.” What you conceive there in your inner life, without a doubt, actualizes within you before entering into the external world. Also, after you open your heart and let the KING OF GLORY in, He breaks the chain of limitation binding you to the outdated beliefs and past addictions, which belong to the conventional wisdom of Rome. By His Spirit thereby, “WE” are granted the freedom to promote and recruit people with open heart and mind.

They will be the enlightened few more than willing to join the 12by12 income-generating matrix. With this conquering attitude of mind, fixed within the inner heart, the spirit of that state directs the flow of the continuous I am essence from the level of the inner body or the SOUL. That is of eternal life contained there within the indwelling Christ. Wherefore when you know yourself, you know your God.” This intuitive sense of self-knowing thereby manifests the things “WE” set out to accomplish here on earth from the point of conception to the fulfillment of achievement. We must conquer the obstacles standing in the pathway of our lives. The reason: The Father of Spiritual Entrepreneurialism will be on “OUR” side. In other words, if God is with you(Immanuel), who can be against you? We attract abundance as far as the imagination can take us. That is to the fulfillment of its desired achievements. It’s this internal sense of self-knowing abundance that will be forthcoming from the realm of Kether that’s evolving out of the faith of the Spiritual Entrepreneur’s activities. Also, the need has arrived for the formation of the 12by12 matrix.

It will serve as a vessel for receiving the clear outcomes of abundance, coming from the supernal world, as just compensation for the investment that each participant has made in time and effort spent on their respective TEAM. The promise that Jesus made to those who chose to follow in His footsteps in building God’s kingdom here on earth resonates from the Sephira, Yesod. And the manifestation thereof will start to actualize by the participants who contemplate the Tree of Life. The reason: Yesod represents the fountain from whence all good things flow in great abundance into the world of Malkuth – the kingdom of the children of men here on earth. Filling the 12by12 income-generating matrix, with the members foreseen coming from “ThePractice,” will be that of a mass collaboration of people started by these UNIQUE set of individuals supported by the people they are helping. The desire to help people is the heartbeat of “ThePractice.” By this massive force of individuals helping people, “WE” have built the foundation for the new school of Cooperative Economics. This 21st Century approach to organizing and centralizing the people indeed concurs with what Jesus had set out to establish here on earth in His lifetime. By the Law of conscience, the mantle of peace and love has been handed to us to finish this great work. That is the works that He started here on earth. We will find it written, “The things I had done greater works you shall do in my name.” The ability to do great works in Jesus’ name comes to the faithful. That is after choosing to pick up the cross there left at Calvary. And then continue to follow His Majesty’s footsteps in the course of action to liberate ourselves in the 21st Century with the principles of Collective Security for Surety.

That is with the attitude thereof the faith of the Christ in mind. We’re consistently working against the word, “Impossible.” The reason.” It must no longer exist within our hearts and mind. By this resolution, liberation overcomes self-imposed barriers constituting our shortcomings and preventing us from moving forward! The mindset of Jesus will be that of His faithful followers. The Bible forms the foundation of the knowledge base that supports this mental state whereby we agree by faith that God the Father created the heaven and the earth which we know. To this end, with a maximum measure of faith, we must invest our time and energy in gathering the people for the cause of populating the 12by12 income-generating matrix. In doing so, our actions must inspire the attitude of the faith in Christ within the mind of the people who join us. For the building of the 12by12 income-generating matrix requires total surrender to the authentic teachings of Jesus. This perspective of the WORD gives us a shared sense of what it means to surrender unconditionally to the WILL of the Heavenly Father. It is written, “I look to the [heavens} from whence my help cometh; my help cometh from the Lord (Heavenly Father). Blessed be the name of the Lord who have made His divine WILL know to us, the Creator of the heaven and the earth.” The One who came out of the statelessness before the creation. The Creator -God, the said One, is responsible for the Great “Withdrawal.” The reason: He subtracted himself from himself to make room for space, which enabled all the things that He created and made to become possible within that space. One safely infers from this statement that God Himself GUARANTEES abundance through Jesus. HE, the all-knowing, who knew before time what was there for us in the heavens must manifest on earth.

In other words, what was there, in the beginning, would be revealed to us [now that we are on earth]. OUR faith in the Creator YHWH CONTINUES from everlasting to everlasting. That is from Kether to Malkuth, and from Malkuth back to Kether. Yes! It is He, the Everlasting Father who blesses us in OUR TIMES: Personally, professionally, financially and spiritually here on earth. Yes! I said blessed. Do you have the audacity to claim what belongs to you? Here are the conditions: You must acknowledge “HIM” in all your ways knowing that He is the Gospel of the Ages. Accept the fact that all good things come to us through Jesus – the Founding Father of Spiritual Entrepreneurialism. Pay homage to Him for YOUR “Daily livelihood.” You should not conceive Spiritual Entrepreneurs as atheists or agnostics. The reason: “WE” follow in the middle pathway of the indwelling Christ there within. However, unlike most Christians. “WE” are in pursuit of financial freedom and social independence here on earth. By the aim and objective of “ThePractice” success come to us by way of Spirituality & Finance. “WE” believe in the power of the indwelling I am presence, governed by the law of our spirituality, which is also the Christ presently abiding within us.

By this means, we make the spiritual transformation from the heart (Tiphereth) to become the active agent of the movement of change. The change will be the consecrated servant of the sacred vocation that brings LOVE to the earth. That is the SERVICE “WE” offer humanity which comes from the Bible (B.I.B.L.E.)- Basic, Instruction, Before, Leaving, Earth. We’re also using what we’ve learned from various examples in doing business to generate income among the members of “OUR” respective communities. We trust that you join us in the pursuit of this spiritual endeavor by investing your time and energy in the interest of kingdom building. With this God-given action plan along with the 12by12 income-generating matrix “WE” will accomplish the appointed task. Join us?
Module 7- Part 2: Co-creation & kingdom building!

“ThePractice” of kingdom building you’ll find in the Bible: Acts 4:34-35, “That there were no needy persons among them. For from time to time those who owned land or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales and put it at the apostles’ feet. And it was distributed to anyone who had a need.” This example describes how the principles of the new school of Cooperative Economics work. “The journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step.” So, does “ThePractice” of the new school of Cooperative Economics. The first phase in the calling of Spiritual Entrepreneurialism starts with the study of this Manual. A unique plan of action that improves the character and quality of the lives of grassroots and common folk people. The steps thereby towards personal empowerment, as opposed to assumed power, require Spiritual Entrepreneurs to get into the deeper studies of the Tree of Life.

“ThePractice” thereof this course takes us on the spiritual journey of the divine flow traveling along the imaginary pathways descending out of Kether into Malkuth, which leads to Christ consciousness. This inward journey taking by Spiritual Entrepreneurs connects to the realm of supernal insights thereof Kether’s sensed impressions. The light of the cosmos comes from Ain Soph Aur that crystallized as Kether (Breath). Whereby, it begins forming within the sphere of Malkuth, where the inner body or the SOUL lies. This divine spark of light (The I) is the God particle radiating out of the subconscious that enters within the conscious, rational receptive side of the mind.

It is the spark of the light of the Unknown God which turns itself into the state of the consciousness of self-knowing. Moreover, the inception of the thought of light in that space appears with divine attributes continuously unfolding in the eternal NOW there in Malkuth, the physical or material world. In the Bible, you will find it written, “Whatever you do on earth for the least among you, [within the eyes of the Father in heaven, the ONE who made the illumination of all things possible}, you do for me.” The knowledge of self- knowing, acquired by observation, both internally and externally, addresses the question: “Why so many people in this world live in poverty and deprivation in our communities.” Because of the lack of [this] knowledge the people perish.

In other words, in the absence of Binah consciousness, our earthly conditions will remain inset days and set ways because we no longer conceive visible signs which authorize the need for self-improvement and community development. To this end, the people are dumb down to the extent that they voluntarily allow themselves to fall within the victimized loop of Romanism. While they continue perpetuating their own self-fulfilling prophecy. This condition will keep occurring if the THOUGHT thereof about failing in life’s pursuit keeps resonating before the mind’s eye.

Being unaware of this condition is the reason they keep operating against their best interest, which takes away the initiative for Co-creation and Kingdom building. Without self-esteem, people no longer conceive the need to take responsibility for their actions. In other words, not possessing the willingness to be personally responsible for one’s actions, one condemns him or herself to a life of poverty and deprivation while sitting on the fringes of denial. The Bible speaks, {without the proper understanding of life} “My people perish.”

Regardless of whether this insightful passage of the Bible takes deep root in a person’s state of mind, nonetheless, refusing to face the facts of life makes him or her responsible for the outcome of their actions. As well as consequences, which one must face because of one’s choice. I know you see the stupidity in people’s behavior in the way they conduct their daily lives. The perception thereof becomes evident in the way they speak and act towards each other. From those observations, you see distinctions between the people going somewhere in life and those going nowhere because they refuse to take responsibility for their actions. The people in our communities fall somewhere between these two categories.

For instance, lazy minded people become their worst enemy. The reason: Every time they approach an obstacle in life that appears insurmountable, instead of putting their best foot forward, with an attitude of faith in their mind, they turn to disbelief and make a cowardly retreat. On the other hand, the people who strive wholeheartedly to do their utmost best to break the barriers of limitations can be viewed by making changes. Lazy minded people content themselves with playing the blaming game while maintaining their comfort zone; complaining that everything or everyone is standing in their way. The reason being, they are afraid to take a good look at the mirror and face themselves. Attitude is king! Without the proper mental attitude, there would be no progress in this world.

Refusal to do dedicated service on behalf of others is the # 1 culprit. Constructive service to the needy improves the quality of life there in the surroundings. INACTION: It is an acute state of low self-esteem. The attitude thereof creates a major problem in our communities. Idle minded people reflect poor self-image. Reversing the pathological state of mind that’s creating low self-esteem among the people can be an extraordinary challenge; it requires an enormous investment in time, patience, and energy. Most people in our communities do their best to avoid this arduous task! We must acknowledge that we’re our brothers and sisters’, keeper.

Under the skin, there is no difference. On a spiritual level, open-mindedness makes us keepers of the common bond we share as human beings. The spirit of brother and sisterhood, as demonstrated by Jesus, comes from the universal Law of spiritual kinship. This Law guides the principle that governs the human sense to strive for harmonious relationships. [Let there be peace on earth and goodwill among all nations, which speak in different tongues], is the universal assurance which Jesus referred to as “I am my brother’s keeper. To be here on earth and feel no obligation nor responsibility for the welfare of others in our communities indicates that we’re less than animals. When we were created and made by God, He looked into our hearts and at the thought of our mind and said, “We were very good.” So, how could we be incapable then of LOVE? However, what a man puts in his heart he shall reap. By this means, there will be winners and losers among us. The people you find dedicating themselves to valuable service to others, they’re winners. And the people who only live for themselves, without care or concern for others, they’re the losers.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs are winners. The reason: We have love in OUR hearts for others. Without love, it’s impossible to give a damn about people. When you think about it, all the sacrifices you made thus far for others would not be possible without love! And so, the tolerance “WE” continue to extend to people, though they take generosity for granted, is directly related to unconditional LOVE. Being involved in an unloving situation whereby you come to realize that the love you’re sharing with others appears to be unappreciated. Yes! I know that this situation makes you want to throw in the towel; walk away. Doesn’t it? But it so happens that because of the grace of God you continue to hold steadfast. And indeed, maintain your commitment to love unconditionally.

For this reason, regardless of how you feel, you must find love in your heart that Jesus wants us to extend to each other. Loving our brothers and sisters in this manner can be challenging. Loving like Jesus from the heart requires patience. The reason: When you step in another man’s shoe and now wear it, can you feel his pain? Notably, that is, when you are walking around in them. By this means, you start to LOVE others, in the same manner, you love yourself. The attempt to open the eyes and hearts of others can become an extraordinary challenge. The reason being, most people are reluctant to express their true feelings about themselves because of the fear of appearing vulnerable. The circumstances, “WE” face now in our communities, demand the attitude of love, which is patience. This attitude conquers and reverses the pathological conditions therein with the use of Psychodynamics along with the CURE, Psycho-Logos-Therapy.

With the CURE, “WE” prescribe treatments for the psychological conditions there in the mindset of prospects. Through the exclusive training method thereof, offered in this Manual, we improve their lives. The method of training, “WE” offer, is of the utmost importance. That is especially when building active living social networking communities. Done with people having different outlooks on life, which are other than that of ours. Becoming involved with creating active living social networking communities enables us to select people from a broader range of diverse backgrounds.

We train them to recruit the people they are in touch with who want to join the 12by12 income-generating matrix. Starting at the grassroots level where “WE” are building mini micro model communities, we implement the principles of People + Currency = Power, Collective Work, and Responsibility with Collective Security for Surety. The aim or objective, therefore of each TEAM, is to create an active role for Spiritual Entrepreneurs to be involved in the making of the 12by12 matrix. From the broad cross-section of prospects recruited from different neighborhoods, we expand our sphere of influence. By being involved in the works of Co-creation and Kingdom building, we have acquired the gift of discernment. Thereby, the accumulated benefits of experience, we learn how to separate winners from losers. Of course, that’s of primary importance before placing anyone who wants to join your mini micro model communities. By exercising this measure of precaution, we make the matrix a settlement for right-minded people.

Co-creation and kingdom-building are God-given assignments to mortals. This task is an opportunity for Spiritual Entrepreneurs to establish the exclusive world of Spirituality & Finance therein grassroots communities. “WE” have actualized the process which stimulates the psychological conditions that address the state of the mindset creating the stumbling blocks causing limitations. That is among the people within our respective communities.

By this subtle means of active engagement, “WE” perform the task of opening up the mind of the people with the use of the voice of Affirmative Talking. “WE” improve the quality of the lives of the people and at the same time develop the human resource to add to our communities. This approach to social development establishes wealth with “ThePractice” of Spirituality & Finance, whereby the people will be investing in the 12by12 income-generating matrix.

Out of the ash of the past comes, the silent demand of service to administer blessings onto the people; an outstanding vocation that steadily increases prosperity in the lives of those who seek spiritual and financial guidance. Thus, the aim of the object of this divine plan of action we’re studying, sent from the supernal kingdom above, we call it “ThePractice.” Because it raises the consciousness level of the people and empowers them to build strong alliances within their communities. Moreover, it is an anomaly, which deviates from the common rule. That is finally breaking down the barriers formed by the conventional wisdom of OUR TIMES. Change seekers will be more than happy to throw off the yoke of the past and step into the future with us.

Self-awareness, as it relates to the way the world now operates against humanity’s best interest, which by now should be the state of public awareness, will eventually lead the blind masses to the conclusion that the PROVERBIAL DRAGON, known to the world as Satan, it is none other than this Babylonian Devil. That has been deceiving humankind. Misleading us with the fallacy that we can possess the illusions of this world. However, this divine alternative plan of action, which came down from heaven with moral prerequisites, has been issued out of a higher order of authority and granted to Spiritual Entrepreneurs. That is to instruct the participants we recruit through “ThePractice.” So, we can connect them to the moral construct of being and becoming our brother and sister’s keeper. And that we will do by way of the strength of people helping people. Yes! By this means, we will enrich each other spiritually and financially. That we may live our lives more abundantly in peace and tranquility in the days that we spend here on this earth giving thanks and praise to our Creator. Unlike the church, WE believe that the proper knowledge of spiritual and financial education enables people to live a more normal and productive life. That is during the time that they spend here on earth building God’s Kingdom as Co-Creators. Thereby we must eradicate the thought that those who believe in Jesus are only here to suffer and die until we get to heaven where we receive our reward.

You learn to build mini micro model communities as a vocation by way of this great moral construct taken from the examples of Qabalah and “ThePractice.” Join us now where “WE” stand on this high platform of the thought of a better life that comes out of “ThePractice” of the new school of Cooperative Economics. This call to action by the Spiritual Entrepreneur serves to empower the men and women “WE” recruit in our communities.

Above all, we must start to teach and encourage our children to attain high moral standards with the assurance that one day they join us as Co-creators and kingdom builders. Found here in this Manual are the essentials for living there in this more senior camp of consciousness, which establishes the moral code of conduct for God-fearing men and women. The theocentric value systems, which had controlled the conscience of the ancestors of our bloodline, it was responsible for the honorable men and women of integrity, we learn about in our Bible. Whose moral actions had exemplified the code of conduct now absent from this sinful world? The God-given standards, observed by the ancestors, should be taught to the youths of our communities to develop and empower them.

ThePractice of Cooperative Economics prepares them to become good stewards of the foreseeable Kingdom of God now being built by us here on earth. Wherefore, the inspiration, which comes when one is empowered by “ThePractice,” enables participants to uphold the dignity of the legacy left to us by the latter-day heroes and martyrs of OUR TIMES, such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. Marcus Garvey, John F Kennedy, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Fanny May, and many others. These devoted SOULS of reason had chosen to continue with the cross of Jesus and likewise lay down their mortal lives for the sake of making this earth a better place for all to co-exist in peace and harmony done in their own special ways.

The divine plan of action presented here in this Manual, therefore, borders on the highest expectation that one has of themselves and the future of the children of our communities. Each participant makes the Divine Plan of Action their vocational choice when they start “ThePractice,” which takes them to a renewed state of mind. Whereby, transformation is attained through channels of Psychodynamics along with the CURE, Psycho-logos-Therapy.

The object hereof this life on earth truly is to experience the meaning of being human. That broader sense of self-knowing comes when we start to think and act in the capacity of being our brother and sister’s keeper. “Know Yourself and you shall know your God.”

Out of this 21st Century outlook at the world, Spiritual Entrepreneurs conceive the need to recruit active TEAM players. The initiative thereof will be for creating mini micro model social networking communities. With the added use of the 12by12 income-generating matrix, “WE” make this project a reality. In conclusion: What is a matrix?

It is a powerful platform for gathering people to collaborate and create partnerships with right-minded people. The divine plan of action contained herein this Manual of Preparation and Instruction for the 21st Century will be the pathway to the future of real CHANGE. The possibility of this happening will be more than likely with the support of the mini micro model networking communities now being built by us, which will serve as the foundation for God’s Kingdom coming here on earth.