You might ask yourself every once in a while, “Why was I born? To what purpose have I come to earth?” If you listen, you will hear a voice saying, “I am come that you might have life, that this world might have light.” Know that it’s not just you, but all human consciousness. Therefore, I am come that human consciousness may be fulfilled with the spirit of the I am that I am; indeed, filled full of the spirit of God. I am come that the kingdom of God may come on earth as it is in heaven.

Not only are you on earth, but you are of the earth until the moment comes in which you realize, “the spirit of God dwells in me.” You are that man or that woman of the earth until the realization that I am the way, I am the truth and I am the life enters your consciousness. Indeed, no one cometh to the Father but by me.

Until then, you are no thing, but the mere thingness or nothingness of the living God. For, from the dust of the ground you were formed and made and ashes and dust shall be your remains. But, the spirit of life shall ascend into the glory of everlasting life.

Incidentally, it is only when the spirit of God touches your consciousness that you are awakened or resurrected. Indeed, you are “the walking dead” until the spirit of God touches you, so that through you the Spirit may be allowed to flow into the consciousness of all mankind. For, “I shall pour out My spirit upon all flesh.”

Being conscious of the Spirit of life means; coming to the realization that every human being, appearing before you, are your God giving assignment to resurrect that indwelling son of God in them that is; likewise, in you the Christ. It also means; God has incarnated Himself in every man, woman and child. For they are the objects of His omnipresence. Hence, the things that the Master had taught us, greater shalt you do that believe.” The reason being, by the power of the indwelling Christ, you and I and all of us can do all things.

For instance, whenever one may appear before you with sin, disease, lack, limitation, in debt or on the verge of disaster, bear in mind that in the presence of God or the Christ realized, what you see only amount to temporal power, which is no power neither in heaven nor on earth. For the power, which binds them, is not greater than the I Am that is to be resurrected in them.

Thus, when the spirit of the Lord God is upon you, you are ordained, but you are not ordained to set yourself apart from your brethren. You are ordained to heal the sick, to comfort, to feed, and to provide for the spiritual and material needs of the less fortunate. Indeed, that is the purpose of ordination, and not so that you may be glorified, but that you may be better equipped to give more abundant¬ly, to share more freely, to understand more universally. The gift of ordination is not only for the children of your own flesh or your own congregation, but that you may minister to all, for you are equally responsible to share with all peoples of the earth.

In addition, you must begin to visualize, verbalize and become instrumental in the effort of actualizing God’s kingdom on earth. Look not upon me, because I am black, because the Son hath look upon me: my mother’s children were angry at me; they made me the keeper of the vineyard. Thy vineyard oh Lord have I not kept?

And so, the spirit of God is in me, which makes me your Father. Therefore, you may look to the Father within me for substance and sustenance. You are my children whether you be friend or so-called foe. You may look to the spirit of God within me, the father-motherhood, for your care.

To this end, when you open your heart, your mind and your soul and let the King of glory enter, you begin to understand this sacred relationship of I am that I am, which has been kept a secret from the world. This secret is the invisible bond that exists among all mystics. The visible and invisible mystics of the world know that it is I standing at the door of their consciousness. I am eternally united in their consciousness, sharing with them my body and my blood. For I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it.

Human capability exceeds far beyond the boundary of what we can conceive. But, because of the teaching of the Church we became less than. I bring you greetings in the name of the Most “I” from the Universal Kingdom of Christ ministry, come and let us reason!

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